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At Best Contractor and Handyman Service, we take pride in being the go-to experts for all your concrete and handyman needs. With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we offer a wide range of concrete contractor services to cater to your specific requirements.

Our commitment to quality, honesty, and trustworthiness sets us apart from the rest. When you choose us, you can be confident that you’re getting the best service in town.

Concrete Driveway Contractor

Our skilled contractors specialize in designing and installing durable concrete driveways that enhance the curb appeal of your property. With attention to detail and flawless finishes, we create driveways that withstand heavy traffic and leave a lasting impression.

Concrete Patio Contractor

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis with our exceptional concrete contractor services. From simple and elegant designs to intricate creations, we bring your vision to life, creating functional and inviting spaces for relaxation and entertainment.

Concrete Walkways

Upgrade your property with professionally installed concrete walkways that blend seamlessly with your landscape. Our team constructs visually appealing and durable walkways, incorporating traditional or modern designs that stand the test of time.

Concrete Slabs

Trust our experts for sturdy and reliable concrete slabs. We provide accurate measurements, proper leveling, and strong foundations, ensuring solid bases for structures such as sheds and garages.

Stamped Concrete

Add elegance and uniqueness to your property with stamped concrete. Our skilled craftsmen replicate the look of materials like brick or stone, creating visually stunning effects with a wide range of patterns and colors.

Concrete Repair and Maintenance

Restore the safety and aesthetics of your concrete surfaces with our repair and maintenance services. We use high-quality materials and techniques to ensure long-lasting results and preserve the integrity of your concrete.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

When repair is not an option, our professionals handle efficient and safe concrete removal and replacement. From demolition to installation, we prioritize safety and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Concrete Foundations

Rely on our skilled contractors for superior concrete foundation work. We provide stability and durability, adhering to industry standards to create solid foundations for residential and commercial structures.

Concrete Sidewalks

Enhance accessibility and safety with well-constructed concrete sidewalks. Our team plans and installs durable and compliant walkways, considering proper grading and drainage for longevity.

Concrete Retaining Wall

Our experts build aesthetically pleasing and functional concrete retaining walls. Prevent soil erosion, create terraced areas, and enhance your outdoor space with visually appealing structures.

Concrete Steps

We design and construct sturdy and visually appealing concrete steps that complement your property's architecture, ensuring safety and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Decorative Concrete

Transform your concrete surfaces into works of art with our concrete contractor services. Our skilled artisans create intricate patterns, custom designs, and colored concrete, combining craftsmanship with quality materials.

Exposed Concrete

Achieve a contemporary and industrial look with our exposed concrete services. Highlighting the natural beauty of the aggregate, we deliver modern and sophisticated finishes for driveways, patios, and more.

Sand Finish Concrete

Opt for a smooth and elegant concrete finish with our sand finish concrete service. The fine layer of sand adds subtle texture, ensuring a visually appealing and non-slip surface for pool decks, walkways, and other areas.

Concrete ADA Ramp Contractor

We specialize in constructing ADA-compliant concrete ramps to ensure accessibility for all. Our safe and accessible solutions meet specific requirements and regulations for individuals with disabilities.

Concrete City Curb Contractor

Our skilled contractors design and build sturdy and visually appealing concrete city curbs, maintaining traffic flow and delineating pedestrian areas with precision and adherence to local regulations.

Concrete Stucco

Enhance your property's aesthetic appeal with our concrete stucco services. Our skilled craftsmen apply expertly crafted stucco finishes, adding texture to exterior walls for a timeless and elegant look.

Epoxy Flooring

Choose our versatile and durable epoxy flooring for residential and commercial spaces. Our seamless, glossy, and easy-to-maintain surfaces resist stains, chemicals, and heavy foot traffic, with a wide range of colors and finishes available.


Protect your concrete surfaces from water damage with our professional waterproofing services. We apply effective techniques to prevent leaks, cracks, and other water-related issues, prioritizing the long-term integrity and durability of your concrete structures, whether it's a basement, patio, or any other moisture-prone area.

Asphalt Repair

In addition to our comprehensive concrete contractor services, we also provide top-notch asphalt repair solutions. Our skilled team tackles pothole filling and crack sealing with expertise, restoring the functionality and appearance of your asphalt surfaces. Using industry-leading techniques and materials, we deliver durable and cost-effective repairs to ensure the longevity of your asphalt.

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Delivering top-quality craftsmanship with attention to detail and flawless finishes that exceed your expectations.

  • Trustworthy Experts: Experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional results with open and honest communication for your peace of mind.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Going the extra mile to tailor services to your needs, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience from consultation to completion.

  • Competitive Pricing: Offering transparent and competitive pricing, providing the best value for your investment with detailed and accurate cost estimates.

  • Timely Completion: Diligently working to meet deadlines without compromising quality, valuing your time and delivering prompt results.

  • Licensed and Insured: Fully licensed and insured, adhering to industry standards and regulations, prioritizing safety and taking responsibility for our work.

  • Comprehensive Services: Being your go-to contractor for all concrete and handyman needs, handling everything from driveways to decorative finishes and even asphalt repair.

  • Personalized Solutions: Taking a personalized approach, closely working with you, providing expert advice, and ensuring the final result aligns with your vision and goals.

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